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Measures of Performance

MoDOT’s Tracker is a tool to assess how well we deliver services and products to our customers. Much like a GPS tracking system, this tool can only show the direction in which the department is headed. We must determine if it is going in the right direction to best serve our customers.

MoDOT’s Mission and Value Statements provide the basis for the Tracker. The 18 results are outcomes that our customers expect to see as we fulfill our mission. Each performance measure listed on the Tracker is designed to help us focus on successfully achieving these results. The Tracker will be published quarterly to ensure accountability and allow our customers to see the progress we are making towards those results that they expect.

Complete Tracker Document January 2005 (11 MB, 160 pages)

Tracker Divided for Quicker Downloading
Cover, Introduction and Table of Contents (276 kbs, 8 pages)
Uninterrupted Traffic Flow (3 mbs, 10 pages)
Smooth & Unrestricted Roads And Bridges (904 kbs, 6 pages)
Safe Transportation System (693 kbs, 14 pages)
Roadway Visibility (875 kbs, 8 pages)
Personal, Fast, Courteous & Understandable Response to Customer Requests (348 kbs,  8 pages)
Partner With Others To Deliver Transportation Services (773 kbs, 6 pages)
Leverage Transportation To Advance Economic Development (1 meg, 6 pages)
Innovative Transportation Solutions (351 kbs, 4 pages)
Fast Projects That Are Of Great Value (574 kbs, 10 pages)
Environmentally Responsible (522 kbs, 10 pages)
Efficient Movement Of Goods (788 kbs, 6 pages)
Easily Accessible Modal Choices (643 kbs, 14 pages)
Customer Involvement In Transportation Decision-Making (372 kbs, 4 pages)
Convenient, Clean & Safe Roadside Accomodations (571 kbs, 8 pages)
Best Value For Every Dollar Spent (759 kbs, 16 pages)
Attractive Roadsides (502 kbs, 6 pages)
Advocate For Transportation Issues (536 kbs, 6 pages)
Accurate, Timely, Understandable & Proactive Transportation Information (377 kbs, 10 pages)
Tracker Archive  

The documents are provided in Acrobat Reader format. Free Acrobat Reader download PDF Icon

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