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Notification - MoDOT and LPA On-Call Consultant List


Thank you to all consulting firms who submitted their information to be considered for the upcoming on-call services.  The new on-call consultant services lists have now been completed for both MoDOT and Missouri’s Local Program (LPA).  Listed below is the contact information for questions regarding the on-call selections.


  • 2014-2017 MoDOT On-Call Consultant ListEffective July 1, 2014
  • All firms selected for the MoDOT On-Call list will be contacted via email to execute a master agreement.
  • MoDOT Contact Information for category/district listed below.

Northwest District – all categories

Troy Slagle (816) 387-2441

Northeast District – all categories

Jerad Noland  (573) 406-6548

Kansas City District – all categories

Jeff Hardy  (816) 607-2266

Central District – all categories

Nicole Hood  (573) 526-6997

Saint Louis District – all categories

Karen Yeomans  (314) 453-5095

Southwest District – all categories

Steve Campbell (417) 895-7668

Southeast District – all categories

Barry Horst  (573) 472-5289

Environmental –

Hazardous Waste/Noise/Special Studies

Richard Moore  (573) 526-2909

Environmental – Cultural Resources

Mike Meinkoth (573) 526-3593

Bridge Design

Stacy McMillan  (573) 526-0250

Traffic – Electrical Engineering

Julie Stotlemeyer (573) 751-0982

Traffic Safety Data Analysis

Mike Curtit (573) 526-0121

Pavement Testing

John Donahue (573) 526-4334

General Services – all categories

Doug Record  (573) 526-7937

DBE Services

Randy Gilliland (573) 751-7801

LiDAR & Photogrammetry

Alexa Mitchell (573) 751-6591

Geotechnical Engineering

Kevin Mclain  (573) 751-1044


The LPA On-Call Consultant List was created through a qualifications based selection process.  The process was administered by MoDOT and quality assurance was provided by Missouri ACEC and Missouri FHWA.  MoDOT together with Missouri’s Local Program Advisory Panel managed the consultant review and selections. 

  • LPA On-Call Consultant ListEffective  Monday, February 24, 2014
  • LPA Contact Information regarding consultant selections
  • DBE Goals – DBE goals will not be set on individual projects that utilize the on-call consultant list.  Consultants will be expected to use DBE subconsultants on these contracts to meet the statewide goal of 13.49%.  This programmatic approach is an opportunity for consultants to use innovative ways to meet this goal.  If the local program fails to meet the 13.49% goal, MoDOT will consider setting goals on each individual contract.
  • For more information on how to utilize the LPA On-Call Consultant List, see EPG


Posted 2/24/14



Important - Updated January 2014 MoDOT SWPPP

Posted 2/3/14


Information for Consultants:

When preparing your annual updated prequalification paperwork for MoDOT review, please ensure that your firm is using the most current prequalification forms found on MoDOT's Consultant Services Webpage. We will not be accepting the older outdated forms. The most recently updated prequalification forms consist of:  Summary Information Sheet, Consultant Certification of Final Indirect Cost, and the Internal Control Questionnaire.

Step 2 of the prequalification process was revised as of last Thursday September 5, 2013. Step 2 consists of submitting your firms Certificate of Good Standing with the Secretary of State office (aka Registered to do business in MO). In addition to this, we are now requiring that firms submit their Certificate of Authority from the Missouri Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors and Landscape Architects. (Note: Certificate of Authority is not required for sole proprietorships or partnerships, its only required if your firm is incorporated or registered as a limited liability company. For sole proprietorships and/or partnerships, individual professional license certificates must be submitted in lieu of the certificate of authority.) If you are currently prequalified, you can submit the Certificate of Authority at your next yearly prequalification update.

Just a reminder: Please check MoDOT's Approved Consultant Prequalification List to ensure your firm is up-to-date on all of the prequalification requirements.

Upcoming Solicitation: MoDOT and LPA will be soliciting for on-call consultant services on October 1, 2013. Please be looking for the solicitations and further information via email on October 1, 2013. Your firm must be prequalified to be eligible for these services.


Notice:  Updated Annual Consultant Prequalification Information - Safe Harbor Indirect Cost Rate for Small or New Firms Available

As you are aware, prime consultants must be prequalified to perform engineering work on a MoDOT project or a federally funded LPA project. There are several items that are required to fulfill the prequalification requirement.

- Statement of Qualification
- Registered to do business in Missouri
- Current E-verify
- Financial Prequalification
- Federal Aid Basic Training Course (LPA Consultants ONLY)
- Bridge Forms (MoDOT Bridge Consultants ONLY)
- Bridge QC/QA Plan (MoDOT Bridge Consultants ONLY)

Often the financial prequalification portion of the required documents is the most difficult to complete. In order to aid in the completion of the financial prequalification portion, MoDOT together with FHWA has adopted the "Safe Harbor Indirect Cost Rate" (SHR) option effective June 1, 2013. The SHR is a provisional overhead rate set at 110% that qualifying firms can elect to use in lieu of completing all the required documents for the financial prequalification. Consulting firms which use the SHR will be required to have an accounting system capable of accumulating and tracking direct labor and other direct costs by contract and segregating indirect costs. The expectation will be for the firm to establish a cost history for the development of an indirect cost rate for the next year in accordance with the Federal cost principles based on the actual costs of the firm.

The link below outlines the eligibility requirements for using the SHR.

Safe Harbor Eligibility Requirements


Please note that there are new requirements in the MoDOT Solicitations for Workforce Diversity. This does not apply to LPA Solicitations.

Please note that all MoDOT Solicitations posted after April 15th, 2013 have a Workforce Diversity requirement contained within them. Specifically the solicitation states "Firm’s not providing a response on approach to workforce diversity will be considered non-responsive to this solicitation." This is not a requirement for LPA consultant solicitations at this time.

Also a reminder that all Prime Consultants must be prequalified to be considered for a MoDOT solicitation or a federally funded LPA consultant solicitation. Specifically the solicitation states "Firm’s that are not current on all of the required prequalification categories found in MoDOT’s Approved Consultant Prequalification List at the date of the solicitation expiration will be considered non-responsive."



Archived Consultant News


If you have any questions, you may contact Jerica Holtsclaw at 573-526-8484.

To report web site issues or questions, please contact Sandra Riley at (573) 522-2002 or at PreQual@modot.mo.gov.

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