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Performance Specification Information 



The Missouri Standard Specifications for Highway Construction book is currently undergoing major changes. The Missouri Department of Transportation formed a Performance Specification Team in 2001 to identify performance specification opportunities and to propose a plan for implementation. Our objectives are to encourage innovative thinking, to promote new construction technologies and techniques, and to permit greater opportunities for contractors to showcase their quality workmanship with minimal restrictions placed on them by state government. Each section of our specifications has been assigned to a team consisting of knowledgeable experts from state and federal government and private industry.

This web site contains links to team breakdowns, files the teams are responsible for reviewing, and the writing and formatting rules.

The teams page details the breakdown of team leaders, team members and resources for the numerous teams. A list of team's participants' employer, phone number and email address is being maintained separately and is available by request.

The files page consists of Word files of the existing specification (effective as of July 2002), General Special Provisions, Job Special Provisions, Bid Items, and Acrobat files of Standard Plans. The only non-editable items are the Standard Plans. We ask that revisions to drawings be provided in red ink or red pencil.

Documentation of revisions is paramount. Proposed revisions should be submitted with a summary sheet detailing the rationale why revisions were or were not made to sections. The rationale should be tied to the nine questions presented at the course. These nine questions and a sample summary sheet are available on this web site.

Though each of the nine questions should be addressed individually regarding revisions, it is more important to detail on the summary sheet the primary reason revisions were or were not made. This is applicable not only to the individual specification sections, but also to the corresponding general special provisions, job special provisions and standard plans. Changes to bid items should reflect proposed changes to these documents and rationales are not needed.

The review process of each section will consist of the team selected for that task to perform that review with input from designated resources. It is the responsibility of each industry team member to keep their respective industry aware of the progress of their respective team. Prior to submitting a revised section for approval by MoDOT, the revised section will be provided to industry for comments and recommendations. Comments or recommendations should be submitted to the team leader with a rationale in a similar format as the summary sheet provided by the team on the proposed revised section, as discussed above. A minimum, two to four weeks will be allotted for industry to provide input. The team will be meet again to take into consideration all comments or recommendations received and will take action as they deem applicable. After this review, the team will submit the revised section through the approval process, attaching any comments or recommendations not implemented.

It should be noted, this review process is perpetual and will not end on July 1, 2003. We will continue to review MoDOT standards to upgrade to performance type specifications when possible.


The electronic documents provided here are for informational purposes and the convenience of those accessing it only. By providing the standards specifications in this electronic format, the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission and the Missouri Department of Transportation do not intend to form a contract with any person, nor shall any of the information may be relied upon by any person as forming a part of any contract. The printed and published contents of the Missouri Standard Specifications for Highway Construction, 1999 Edition, adopted by the Commission at its meeting on August 6, 1999, as they have been revised by the General Special Provisions or Job Special Provisions of the bidding and contract documents for a particular project shall always control over the information provided in this electronic publication.



Guidelines and Other Information

The following documents contain guidelines for writing specifications and formatting instructions.  

Writing and Formatting Instructions for Specifications

Nine Questions

Sample Summary Sheet

Blank Summary Sheet

The documents are provided in Acrobat Reader format. Free Acrobat Reader download PDF Icon

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