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Archaeological Investigations Within the Proposed U.S. 61 Corridor North of Canton in Lewis and Clark Counties Missouri, Volume VIII:  Data Recovery at the Late Woodland Sugar Creek Site (23CK57) in Clark County, Missouri

The Sugar Creek site consisted of two main Late Woodland occupations, but also had evidence of minor Early Woodland, Middle Woodland, and early Late Woodland components.  The Late Woodland Ralls occupation was the largest component identified at the site (90 features) and temporally ranged from cal. A.D. 700 to 850.  The Ralls data from the Sugar Creek site suggest several short-term occupations during this time period.  Spatial patterning of Ralls feature types at the Sugar Creek site was limited.  Of note are two possible structures suggested by post patterning.  Some super positioning of features was noted, so at least two Ralls phase occupations are suggested. As indicated by deeply buried features found in the southern part of the site, this component may be much larger.  However, because the project disturbances would not affect these deeper sub–plow zone deposits, this potential was not explored beyond a couple units and deeper exposed portions of one of the excavation blocks.


The Late Woodland South Branch component was the next largest at the site with 30 features and a date range from A.D. 660 to 680.  The Sugar Creek South Branch component fits with the earlier South Branch I timeframe in the region.  The South Branch data from the Sugar Creek site suggest one possible occupation focused on a variety of activities associated with resource procurement.  The limited super positioning of South Branch pits at Sugar Creek further suggests the component represents very few occupations, and maybe only a single longer term visit to the site by the South Branch people.  The large-sized earth ovens and storage pits indicate that while at Sugar Creek; these people were likely processing and temporarily storing bulk material.  The plant data from the site suggest that this bulk material was primarily walnuts. Hunting and fishing were also apparently important activities at the site during this occupation.

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