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MoDOT Human Resources

Preferred Employee Qualities  


Team Player Qualities

Team player means getting along with and supporting others. It also means:

  • Being open-minded and willing to give and take
  • Willing to come to an agreement
  • Wanting the team to look good
  • Willing to share what you know
  • Working well with others and wanting them to do well
  • Recognizing and accepting weaknesses and strengths of others
  • Willing to step up and do their part for the team
  • Resolving conflict
  • Asking for input
  • Encouraging others

Organization/Public Servant Qualities

This means the employee has a sense of loyalty/commitment to the organization as might be demonstrated by:

  • Exemplifying department values
  • Valuing being a public servant
  • Supporting organizational decisions
  • Being service oriented
  • Acting as a good steward of tax dollars
  • Speaking positively about the organization outside of the work environment

Personal Qualities

These are internal and are not limited to work situations, but how people might lead and conduct their daily lives in all situations they come across:

  • Demonstrates accountability/integrity
  • Ethical – will do the right thing
  • Respectful and considerate of others
  • Trustworthy, dependable and honors commitments
  • Overcomes failure, resilient

Interpersonal Relationship Attributes

These qualities can impact the ability to relate and work with others:

  • Appreciates differences in others
  • Builds constructive relationships to the benefit of the organization
  • Reasonable thinker
  • Good listener
  • Patient
  • Respects authority
  • Appreciative of what others do
  • Good communicator


Work Qualities

These qualities result from the values a person has but can be acquired/developed based upon work and life experiences and circumstances.  Therefore, unlike values, they may or may not always be demonstrated through actions and words: 

  • Has continuous desire to learn
  • Embraces change
  • Is willing to be empowered and accept responsibility
  • Has a positive attitude
  • Is willing to go the extra mile
  • Is willing to accept challenges from others and from self
  • Is safety conscious


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