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Alternatives to Driving Impaired 

If you know you will be drinking, or if medications you're taking may affect your ability to drive responsibly, there are other options besides driving yourself home.

Men Drinking in a BarChoose a driver who agrees not to drink. A sober driver is the safest driver. Remember, a designated driver is someone who drinks NO alcohol at all, not the person who has consumed the fewest drinks at the end of the night.

Stop drinking in time to sober up. It takes the body approximately one hour to eliminate one drink from your system. If you plan to drive home later, stop drinking in time to let all the drinks you've consumed exit your system before you head home.

Consider alternative transportation. If you find yourself late in the evening with no plan for getting home safely, find a sober friend to drive you home; call a cab; or take public transportation. Walk home only if you live close and have safe streets to travel on foot - intoxicated pedestrians have the same impaired judgement as drunk drivers, so don't think you can beat traffic on busy streets and highways.

Stay where you are. If you can spend the night at a friend's house, you avoid the terrible consequences of driving while intoxicated - for you and everyone else.

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