Tests of Various Highway Guard Rails

Conducted by the Missouri State Highway Department Bureau of Materials

Research Investigation RI34-2/Report 34-2


Abstract: As the main system of highways in Missouri nears completion, more money will probably be expended for the purpose of making the highways safer. One of the methods for accomplishing this purpose is the installation of guard rails at points where serious damage to car or occupants might result from a car leaving the roadway. There are several types of guard rail and numerous adaptations of these types manufactured; all of which have been used to greater or less extent by some of the states. Some of these guard rails have been tested by one or more agencies but others, including four manufactured in this state, have not been previously tested. With the idea of supplementing the test's of other agencies and developing information about the untested guard rails, the Missouri State Highway Department performed the tests described in this report. The original series of impact tests (Test numbers 1 to 16) was made during June 1934 and this was followed by a supplementary series (Test numbers 18 to 24) in October 1934.

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Covers results for tests #1-24

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Covers results for tests #1-22

and 24

Guardrail test video

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Covers tests #1-16 only

Guard rail tests (June 1934)

1. Wire Rope, two strands
2. Page "Traffic Tape", two strands on Russell spring clip post mountings
3. "Tyton" plate rail
4. "Flex-Beam", plate rail
5. "Tuthill", plate rail
6. "Page Traffic Tape", four strands on Page Type Post Mountings.
7. "Page Traffic Tape", two strands on Page Type Post Mountings
8. "Truscon" plate rail
9. "Wej-Lock", plate rail
10. "Empire", plate rail
11. "Bente Phillips", plate rail
12. "Resiliflex", plate rail
13. "Glidep1ate", plate rail
15. Russell Plate and one strand .wire rope
16. Wire Rope, two strands

Guard rail tests - supplementary series (October 1934)

18. Wire Rope, two strands (with 1ight metal ties at center of each panel)
19. "Economy Products", plate rail
20. "Chain Link" fence
21. "Pittsburgh Safety Highway Guard"
22. "Pittsburgh Safety Highway Guard"
23. "Flex-Beam", plate rail
24. "Pittsburgh Safety Highway Guard"